Crop Cover

DNT agro Manta Térmica

Both in open fields and greenhouses, this product guarantees the biological and thermal control of the most delicate crops and improves their quality and output, thus creating a suitable climate for their growth.

  • Protection against UV rays, allowing sunlight filtration

  • Protection against frosts, increasing temperature up to 5ºC

  • Protection against hail or heavy rain, allowing needed water filtration

  • Increase of crop precocity, achieving 10% higher crop outputs.

  • Insect barrier, avoiding or reducing the use of pesticides and herbicides.

  • DNT agro crop cover 17 – 30 g/m2

  • Maximum roll width  240 cm

  •  White or natural colour

  • 150 Kly UV radiation standard resistance 

  • Variable additivation up to 300 Kly depending on the crop or exposure area.

DNT agro is produced with a process known as SPUNBOND, generically known as Spunlaid Termobonded, in which the resins polymers of polypropylene are melt in an extruder, which generates fibers which are cooled by a cold air flow. These fibers create a mesh which is thermally joined with a heated roll press which makes the heatsealing of the fibers, given the fabric its characteristic texture.

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