Weed Control Fabric

DNT agro Malla Antihierba

Weed control fabrics avoid sunlight filtration, theferefore nullifying the chlorophyllic function of weed, hindering its growth at the same time that it helps transpiration of the fields and reduction of soil erosion.

  • Weed control in the crops en los cultivos

  • Prevents from using weed-killer chemical products

  • Lower landscape impact

  • Reduction of soil erosion

  • Reduction of evaporation

  • DNT Agro weed control fabric 30 – 130 g/m2

  • Maximum roll width 240 cm

  • Colours: brown, black and green

  • UV Stabilisation

DNT agro is produced with a process known as SPUNBOND, generically known as Spunlaid Termobonded, in which the resins polymers of polypropylene are melt in an extruder, which generates fibers which are cooled by a cold air flow. These fibers create a mesh which is thermally joined with a heated roll press which makes the heatsealing of the fibers, given the fabric its characteristic texture.

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