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Integrated Management Policy of Grupo Diseños NT

The companies Design and Applications of Nonwoven SL ., PIGMEA SL ., DNT Non Woven Fabrics SA ., Enequipo Trading SL ., Estampaciones de Andalucía SA and Soluciones Infogramas Dissenia, SL make up the Grupo Diseños NT and are dedicated to:

• Design, manufacture and commercialization of advertising packaging in non-woven, paper, raffia and other materials.
• Design, manufacture and commercialization of non-woven products for hygienic and sanitary protection.
• Design, manufacture and commercialization of class I sanitary products (surgical masks, caps, shoe covers, sleeve covers and gowns).
• Printing and transformation of flexible material for the agri-food industry.
• Design, manufacture, lamination and finishing of non-woven fabrics.
• Design, manufacture and distribution of workwear and sportswear. Graphic design, customization and distribution of textile and promotional gift products.
• Screen printing on textile products and other supports.
• Graphic design and manufacture of clichés.

Grupo Diseños NT ‘s main mission is to satisfy the needs and expectations of the Interested Parties, as well as to preserve the environment environmentally. To carry out this mission, Grupo Diseños NT has implemented a Integrated Management System , which incorporates compliance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015 in their companies.

Likewise, Design and Applications of Nonwoven SL has implemented the PEFC Chain of Custody for paper products, and the ISO 13485: 2018 standard for medical devices, and PIGMEA SL the BRC Packaging Global Food Safety Standard V.6 and FSC Chain of Custody and has implemented Hygiene Plans, food safety prerequisites and HACCP in its process and facilities, as proof of commitment and responsibility to the consumer of the product it launches on the market.

This Integrated Management System , based on the work of all Grupo Diseños NT staff, takes us through the appropriate processes to achieve:

  • Continuous Improvement in Quality, Food Safety and Environment, determining planned and supervised objectives and goals to verify compliance.
  • The reduction of the environmental impacts of their activities that may affect the environment, including users and suppliers.
  • The prevention of contamination and hygiene of the products handled and manufactured in its facilities, through compliance with the legislation, regulations, and other applicable requirements.

Based on them, our Integrated Management Policy is defined and the following principles are established:

  • Compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements, and applicable regulations.
  • Continuous improvement of processes, procedures and services.
  • Effective assignment of functions and responsibilities .
  • Staff training and awareness.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the chain of custody PEFC and FSC and BRC Packaging.
  • Compliance with applicable requirements in the manufacture of medical devices.
  • Pollution prevention and control.
  • Sustainable business development.

All of which is specified for the client in their perception of:

  • Careful and personalized attention.
  • Quality of products and services.
  • Environmental prevention.
  • Hygiene and Food Safety of manufactured products and manipulated that may come into contact with food.

The Management undertakes and requests the commitment of all the staff of the Grupo Diseños NT, to the extent that corresponds to them, to develop, perfect and apply the criteria of Quality, Food Safety, Environment, Healthcare Product, PEFC, FSC, Plans of Hygiene, other requirements and HACCP defined in the Integrated Management System documents.

The Integrated Management Policy will be available to any interested party who requests it.

CEOs of Grupo Diseños NT

June 2021 Rev. 3