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Non woven is one of those materials which is defined by what it is not. It is a high quality type of textile produced by the creation of a mesh of fibers when they are united by mechanical, thermal or chemical procedures, but neither being woven nor by converting those fibers in thread.

Among the many reasyons which justify the use of non woven in substituton of other fabrics, we highlight the following ones:

  1. Cheap

    Thanks to its high efficiency, this material has very low energy cost:

    • No need for any consumption material, as for example joining elements, adhesives or sewing thread.

    • No defective products are produced in the event of a stop in the production line.

    • No thermal radiation, therefore no risk of destroying the material during its production.

    In disposable non wovens: the non woven has very little treatment so that its low price can be maintained.
    In low-performance non wovens: aimed at replacing traditional   fabrics, some type of improvement may be carried out; an improvement which does not significantly   increase the price and keeps its competitiveness  in the market. 
    In functional or high-performance non wovens: the finishes take more importance and highlight features as the texture, the colour, the printing, etc. Nevertheless, there are still much more economical than traditional materials.

  2. Innovative product

    The non woven is a material which provides innovative solutions with efficient prices to countless business challenges. Used alone or combined with other materials, non woven is commonly used in a wide range of industrial products, thanks to its multiple properties.

  3. Recyclable & Reusable

    The non wovens have the advantage of being produced with recycled fibers. That is why they are considered to have a very promising future, taking into account the increasing importance given to sustainability, energy efficiency and environment.

  4. Great versatility

    One of the most outstanding characteristics of this material is its versatility. By adding the right properties to the product, it is possible to create innovative products which fulfil the requirements and needs of the industry.

    By combining these properties it is possible to create complex non wovens for very specific purposes. These specific properties are achieve by the selection of raw materials and additives or by applying finishing treatments like printing, lamination, heatsealing, etc.

  5. Performance

    Non woven offer high performance in a wide range of applications due to its specific properties, among which we could highlight:

    • Absorbency

    • Liquid repellent

    • Recovering capacity

    • Stretching

    • Softness

    • Resistance

    • Fire resistant

    • Washable

    • Damping

    • Filtration

    • Antibacterial barrier

    • Sterility